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.45 ACP On Backorder, All Other Calibers In Stock

No finer 1911 barrel on the market. Machined from 416R stainless steel forgings for superior strength and longevity. Hardened to 40-42RC gives the greatest durability possible for a stainless steel barrel. Subcompact, compact, and full size available. Ramps for Colt, Wilson/Nowlin, and Para/Clark. Bushing style and bull barrel configurations available.

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Barrels listed as “In Stock” are machined per order specifications from customer.  Barrels are made drop in or fitted, cut to length, and threaded custom per order.  For this reason, please allow 2-4 weeks for in stock orders to be filled and shipped.  If a barrel is listed as “On Backorder”, it means we are currently manufacturing a run of these barrels and do not have any in inventory.  You may place an order, which will place you on our backorder list, and we will fill and ship your order as soon as we are finished manufacturing.


For instructions on sending your pistol, please click herePLEASE NOTE THAT FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY FOR THE SHIPMENT OF FIREARMS.


1911 Barrels ordered as fitting required, otherwise known as National Match, are left over sized in the hood and link lugs.  For this reason, we do not install the link & pin (if ordered) as the link lugs are cut to fit with the link & pin uninstalled.  All drop in barrels that are ordered with the link & pin will be shipped with the link & pin installed.


Any barrel ordered with a compensator thread requires the compensator to be sent in.  Compensator threads include .575-40 and 11/16-40.


1911 barrels are now available in stainless as well as black DLC and copper or gold PVD coatings. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings are an extremely hard coating that offer aesthetically pleasing colors and increased lubricity. DLC is a deep gloss black and  is an extremely hard coating that increases lubricity.  TiCN is a satin copper and TiN is a satin gold.  For colors, see images at the top of the page.  PLEASE NOTE THAT PVD FINISHES ADD APPROXIMATELY 3 WEEKS TO LEAD TIME.


Certain model Colt 1911 .45 ACP’s have what is called the  “enhanced hood”.  The enhanced hood only applies to certain model Colt 1911’s in .45 ACP only.  Colt pistols with the enhanced hood include the following: Colt Gold Cup .45 ACP, Colt Rail Gun .45 ACP, Colt M45A1, and some Colt Series 80 .45 ACP’s.  If your pistol is not a Colt, the enhanced hood model will NEVER apply.  You can determine if your Colt 1911 .45 ACP has an enhanced hood by the width and radial offset of the hood.  The Colt Gov’t hood should be around .420″ in width, while the Colt Enhanced hood should be approximately .385″.  The enhanced hood is also offset radially in the clockwise direction, when compared to the Gov’t hood.  For a visual representation, cycle through the images on this page and you will find a picture of the two different  hoods.


Our bushing style barrels are .579-.580″ in outer diameter.  Bull style barrels are .695-.696″ in outer diameter.  To verify what you need to order, look at the muzzle of your 1911/2011 and see if there is a bushing over the barrel at the muzzle that captures the recoil spring.  This bushing needs to be rotated to disassemble the pistol.  If there is no bushing, then you have a bull barrel.  The exception to this is the Colt Officer’s model, which has a bull barrel outer diameter, but also utilizes a bushing (there are also new 2011’s on the market that utilize a bushing with a bull barrel).  IF YOUR BARREL IS APPROXIMATELY .695″ IN OUTER DIAMETER, BE SURE TO ORDER A BULL BARREL, EVEN IF IT UTILIZES A BUSHING.  If you are still unsure of what your factory barrel is, measure the outer diameter at the muzzle using a micrometer or dial caliper or contact us via phone or email.


-Twist: 1/16
-Rifling: Conventional, button rifled
-Material: 416R Stainless Steel Forgings
-Hardness: 40-44 HRC
-Crown: Recessed 20 degree crown for non-threaded barrels, recessed 60 degree crown for threaded barrels
-Thread Protector: Included at no charge


Additional information


Colt, Springfield, Kimber, Remington, Sig Sauer, STI, SVI, S & W, Armscor, Para Ordnance, Brown, Wilson, Les Baer, Ruger, Other


3.6" Officer's Model, 4", 4 1/4", 5" Gov't Model, 6" Longslide (Extended/Threaded Unavailable) [+$10.00]

Barrel Caliber

45 ACP, 9MM, 10MM, .40 S&W

Barrel Length

Standard Factory Length, Threaded Length (Choose This If Ordering Threaded Barrel) [+$10.00], Extended Length (Factory +1 Inch) [+$10.00], Ported Length/Included Porting [+$120.00]

Barrel Fit

Drop In, Fitting Required (Fitted By Customer), Fitted By Us (Gun Must Be Sent In) [+$125.00]

Barrel Ramp

ParaOrd (Clark) Ramped, Wilson / Nowlin (Ramped), Standard Colt Style (Unramped)

Barrel Style

Bull Style, Bushing Style

Barrel Options

Without Barrel Link & Pin, With Barrel Link & Pin [+$13.00]


Unthreaded, 1/2-28 (9MM Only) [+$49.00], 1/2-32 (9MM Only) [+$62.00], 1/2-36 (9MM Only) [+$62.00], 13.5x1MM LH (9MM Only) [+$52.00], 9/16-24 [+$62.00], .578-28 [+$49.00], .578-28 (Bull Barrel) [+$75.00], .575-40 (Bushing Barrel) [+$62.00], .575-40 (Bull Barrel) [+$100.00], 16x1MM LH (Bull Barrel Required) [+$77.00], 16x1MM RH (Bull Barrel Required) [+$77.00]

12 reviews for 1911 BARRELS

  1. Mike B (verified owner)

    I ordered a “drop in” ramped threaded barrel for my Para p-14 Nite-Tac.
    as most 1911 owners know, drop-in NEVER means drop-in, so i expected lots of elbow grease to make the barrel fit.
    So i was extremely surprised when the custom threaded barrel i ordered dropped right in and functioned flawlessly with zero fitting. Now i’m not saying that every barrel from Jarvis will be a true drop in, but i AM saying that i do not regret purchasing this barrel in any capacity.
    Thanks Jarvis Custom, you really delivered.

  2. Derylle D. (verified owner)

    Shooter Ready.. STANDBY..Begin!!! OK lets not waste time. You can’t rush perfection, I ordered last year December 23, 2019 and received my threaded barrel March 19, 2020. Not bad, just have to be patient with the barrel making process. WORTH the wait. Barrel dropped in my Kimber Stainless II 1911 and butter smooth operation. No tooling marks, just excellent quality. Sent 200 rounds of 230g Freedom Munitions 45ACP with 6 inch suppressor. No issues at all. Smooth slide velocity movement with stock 16lb spring. I was destroying steel plates at 15 and 25 yards with the greatest of ease. Like an overly attached girlfriend, just cling cling cling. Thank you, the wait was worth it. Excellent fit and finish. I have no complaints. Thank you also for the free thread protector and o ring.

  3. Russell Hamilton (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered two Jarvis 1911 barrels for my Colt 1911 series 80’s, one a drop in 38 super barrel, the second a non-drop in 38 super barrel (both non-threaded). These barrels are beautiful and extremely well made – works of art! The drop-in barrel fit perfectly just like a factory barrel – I didn’t have to do a thing to it, the non-drop in barrel of course required some fitting, mostly on the bottom lug. It too became a great fit (this was only my second time fitting a barrel). I used small hand files to do the work, which was a bit tedious but it ended up perfect. I definitely learned a few things (mostly about patience). Both function perfectly and produce excellent results when shooting with zero malfunctions. Granted it took a few months to receive each but they were both well worth the wait. I’ll definitely come back to Jarvis for any future barrel needs and I recommend them to everyone looking for a new barrel. Simply outstanding and great customer service. Thanks Jarvis!

  4. Randy Vondielingen (verified owner)

    I got a barrel for my 1911 because mine had a lip on it when got it, also I wanted a threaded barrel. Now I did have to wait awhile to get my order but let me tell you what this new custom barrel I just got installed just fine ( I chose to get a drop in with link pin installed ) it also tighted up my groups since the barrel had no flaw around the end to wiggle around. So if you want a excellent barrel and are willing to wait for awhile get one from Jarive Inc. Do not let the price stop you it is worth every penny. I know if I need another barrel I will be coming back here first looking for it.

  5. JP (verified owner)

    I bought a TRUE drop in ramped and threaded copper PVD barrel for my Springfield RO Elite 9mm , Perfect fit no fitting concerns, coating was smooth and without blemish , packaged very well shipping was about 3 days to PA
    so happy with this purchase worth the wait !!!

  6. Alan Barber (verified owner)

    Bought a Rock Island 1911 and wanted to be able to run it suppressed. Jarvis was the one that actually was able to get this to me even during covid!. Barrel so far has been very accurate and would buy from Jarvis again! Very happy with the barrel and it was a true drop in!!

    No regrets at all!!

  7. SC (verified owner)

    Needed a threaded barrel for my Kimber 1911 and this was a perfect fit. Dropped right in and has no problem feeding both defensive hollow points or several different brands of ball ammo at the range. Works perfectly with and without the suppressor. Have put several hundred rounds through without a single failure.

  8. Brad S. (verified owner)

    After looking for a reasonably priced threaded 1911 barrel that wasn’t going to require any machining or gunsmithing, I found Jarvis. Accuracy was still important to me, but my main requirement was a barrel that would function with a suppressor without requiring additional fitting. The accuracy from this drop in barrel is actually phenomenal, and the barrel functions flawlessly with and without the suppressor. I am truly impressed and very satisfied with the product that I received. Being able to customize the barrel was great as well. In the future, maybe you could add an option for a loaded chamber indicator cut like my factory barrel has. At any rate, don’t hesitate to order from Jarvis. You can be confident in their ability and workmanship. Thank you!

  9. Wayne Guidry (verified owner)

    I have ordered and purchased 3 or 4 barrels from Jarvis. All of which fit with no fitting whatsoever. I was amazed at the first one,but then I ordered another one. Same thing. Then I ordered a 4′ bull barrel and was surprised that it fit with no problem. Then I ordered a commander size .40 barrel for my Sig 1911 Nightmare that I had bought in .357 Sig. Now, most 1911 barrels usually have to have some fitting to them, but this one did not. All I can say is that if you want a real drop in, Jarvis is the barrel you want. Like another commenter said, we cant guarantee that everyone will be like that, but so far, all the ones I have ordered have been actual drop ins. Thank you Jarvis.

  10. Joshua Castillo (verified owner)

    Ordered a 4.4″ Staccato P Barrel DLC Coated, Drop in Style. Required no fitting at all, extremely accurate barrel. DLC coating looks and feels amazing. The barrel actually had a tighter lockup than the OEM Barrel. Worth the lead times and price.

  11. Mike Udstuen (verified owner)

    Ordered a barrel for my 4.25 Prodigy and it works great! Fit and finish are perfect and it looks amazing with the custom coating! It took a little while to get done, but boy was it worth the wait! Will be reaching out soon to discuss my next projects. Thank you!!!

  12. Chelsen Kincade-Jackson (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful barrel. Ordered a drop in threaded 4.15” bull barrel for my Staccato P Heritage and the lockup is considerably tighter than the Staccato barrel. The DLC is beautiful and i believe the Jarvis barrel is more accurate than the Staccato Barrel.

    Thank you to Jarvis for great customer service and for my Barrel.

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