Brian R.
Purchased a drop in threaded barrel from Jarvis for a Valor and they under promised and over delivered! Match grade stainless barrel is very accurate and I would not hesitate to purchase from Jarvis again...nor should you!
Neil S.
Very nice quality barrel. Fit and finish are excellent and the estimated time to deliver very was accurate. Great company to do business with.
Jim Z.
Fantastic barrel. Definitely an A+ rating.
Patrick N.
I have had 3 barrels made for H&K pistols from Jarvis. Even though I am on the other side of the United States the communication, shipping and product delivered have been excellent. I would not hesitate to use again or recommend to someone who needs a barrel.
Patrick W.
Bought a custom threaded barrel for my USP Expert. The barrel is extremely high quality, and quite similar to the factory one. It functioned great and was quite accurate. Would definitely buy from them again.
Ryan M.
Ordered a barrel for a 9mm PPQ. Realizing custom orders take a while, I wasn't surprised by the wait for my order. Great product. I have around 800 rounds through it within the last couple months. No issues at all.
Alex S.
I ordered a .40 S&W to 9mm conversion barrel for my Walther P99, and it works flawlessly. The coating is slicker than the coating on my factory barrel, and it seems more accurate. My only regret is that I did not have the barrel fitted to my slide.
Tim J.
I purchased a drop-in barrel from Jarvis, it was just as accurate as the factory barrel, but I was looking for a more accurate barrel. I contacted Jarvis and he insisted that he would make me a very accurate barrel, so he told me to ship my slide to him and he would make me a fitted barrel for free, he wanted me to be satisfied. I was very impressed with such customer service. They went out of their way to make me happy with the purchase. Would definitely buy again. And yes the new fitted barrel was extremely accurate, it averaged 1 1/2 in groups at 25yds.
Jeff P.
They were extremely helpful! I had purchased a HK USP45 with a threaded barrel that the original owner had purchased from Jarvis. The thread protector was missing and he did not know the thread pitch. I contacted Jarvis and they went above and beyond to determine the thread pitch and ship a new thread protector to me. Great service.
Randy P.
I ordered two competition barrels for my Walther PPQ Q5 Match and they both dropped in flawlessly. I added a two port compensator and have been running one all this year for 3gun. After a few thousand rounds, it functions just like new. Delivery from Jarvis was quick and they helped me with all the export requirements.
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