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We offer both dealer and distributor accounts.  To be setup as a dealer or distributor please contact our customer support at 406-625-2562 or at [email protected].  We will require a copy of your FFL and one other supporting document.  Supporting documents accepted include an SOT, City/County/State Business License, or Sellers Permit.  To be added as a dealer and receive dealer pricing, BOTH the FFL and supporting document must be supplied or on file.  Orders must be shipped to the business address listed on the FFL.  We will not ship to any address that is not listed on the FFL.  If Purchase Order numbers are used, supply PO number with order.


Dealer orders may be placed via phone or through our website.  We now have a dealer portal available on our website. 

To access the dealer portal on our website:

  1. Send us the documents listed above in the Becoming A Dealer section.
  2. Create an account on our website using your business name or signed name on the FFL.
  3. Let us know you have created an account and we will flag you as a dealer.

Once your account has been flagged as a dealer account, you will have access to all discounts upon logging in.  If you have any questions you  may contact customer service at 406-625-2562 or [email protected].