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We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of orders, phone calls, and emails. All in stock barrels are cut to length, crowned, threaded, and finish applied per order.  Current lead times for in stock barrels is 4-8 weeks (normally 2-3 weeks). The only exception is FN 5.7 barrels. When not listed as “On Backorder”, FN 5.7 barrels will ship within approximately 1 week of the order being placed. Any items listed as “On Backorder” can be ordered, and will ship immediately when back in stock. If products are listed as “Out of Stock”, it means we have not started manufacturing of these items and therefore cannot be ordered as we do not have an estimate for when they will be back in stock. Please note that there also may be delays in response to your emails and phone calls.  Thank you for your understanding. 






Patrick N.
I have had 3 barrels made for H&K pistols from Jarvis. Even though I am on the other side of the United States the communication, shipping and product delivered have been excellent. I would not hesitate to use again or recommend to someone who needs a barrel.
Tim J.
I purchased a drop-in barrel from Jarvis, it was just as accurate as the factory barrel, but I was looking for a more accurate barrel. I contacted Jarvis and he insisted that he would make me a very accurate barrel, so he told me to ship my slide to him and he would make me a fitted barrel for free, he wanted me to be satisfied. I was very impressed with such customer service. They went out of their way to make me happy with the purchase. Would definitely buy again. And yes the new fitted barrel was extremely accurate, it averaged 1 1/2 in groups at 25yds.
Neil S.
Very nice quality barrel. Fit and finish are excellent and the estimated time to deliver very was accurate. Great company to do business with.


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Reliability and Accuracy.  The two most important features of any firearm.  Every day we come to work with the same purpose.  That is to create the most accurate barrels available without sacrificing the reliability of your firearm.

All of our barrels are manufactured with US steel, heat treated to 40-42 HRC, with critical dimensions machined to .0005″ tolerances.  They are conventionally rifled to a mirror finish with the button rifling process to shoot both lead and jacketed bullets.  Chamber, groove and bore diameters are held to optimal dimensions with tolerances of .0005″ to ensure repeatability with every pull of the trigger.

For 40 years custom pistol barrels have been our daily focus. Our skilled team of Engineers, Gunsmiths, and Machine Operators carry out every step and manufacturing process from loading the steel off the truck to shipping the product out the door to you.  Our daily goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations and work with you to provide you with the best barrel available.

Barrel Threading and Customization


Customization is important to the end user and we strive to provide you with as many options as possible.  We offer a wide range of threading options per caliber for suppressor or compensator use.  We also offer customer specified barrel lengths from factory length up to 6.02″ for most pistol models we offer with multiple porting styles available.

Both drop-In and fitted options are available for all of our pistol barrels.  Our drop-in barrels are made to do just that; drop into your gun and function accurately and reliably.  For the customer that desires the tightest lockup possible, we offer barrel fitting which can be performed by us or the customer if desired.  1911’s and the Beretta M9/92 platform require the complete firearm for fitting.  All other barrels require the slide only.