CZ 457 Heavy Barrel


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A match grade barrel for the CZ 457 in .22 LR. Our .920” diameter heavy barrels are made from 416 Stainless Steel and manufactured using our proprietary button rifling method. With multiple chamber options, barrel lengths, threading options and being drop in ready, the Jarvis model CZ 457 barrel will provide you the accuracy you demand at an affordable price.

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When listed as “In Stock”, lead times are approximately 2-4 weeks as chambering, cutting to length, crowning, and threading are done custom per order.  Items on backorder are available to order, and will ship as soon as we are finished manufacturing.


The chambers offered for this barrel include the .22 LR Match, Bentz, and Nevius.

.22 Match:
The .22 LR Match is the standard for match grade .22 LR barrels for bolt action rifles.

.22 Bentz:
The .22 Bentz chamber is slightly larger in diameter at the case mouth with a more forgiving lead angle.  The .22 Bentz chamber reamer is what we use for auto loader .22 LR barrels (such as the Remington 597).

.22 Nevius
The .22 Nevius chamber has a 1.5 degree leade and is designed around Lapua ammunition.

The barrel will be engraved to designate the chamber reamer used.  Barrels chambered .22 Match will be engraved “JARVIS 22LR M”, barrels chambered .22 Bentz will be engraved “JARVIS 22LR B”, and barrels chambered .22 Nevius will be engraved “JARVIS 22LR N”.


If you need a thread pattern other than 1/2-28, please contact us via phone at 406-625-2562 or via email at [email protected].


-Caliber: .22 LR
-Twist: 1/16
-Rifling: Button Rifled
-Material: 416 Stainless Steel
-Contour: .920″ Straight (No Taper)


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