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The one and only source of aftermarket barrels for the Walther line of pistols.  We offer match grade barrels for the entire line of P99 and PPQ pistols in standard, threaded, and ported variations.  With all processes carried out by us, we ensure precision and quality in every step of manufacturing.

Made from 4140 Gun Barrel Certified Steel and heat treated to 40-42 RC for superior strength and longevity.  Button rifled with conventional style rifling, we have observed both increased muzzle velocities and smaller group sizes when compared to factory barrels. With a Jarvis Barrel, you can get the accuracy you demand without sacrificing the reliability of your Walther pistol.


Walther P99 9mm Barrel
Walther P99 9mm Barrels
Walther P99 9mm Threaded Barrel
Walther P99 9mm Threaded Barrels
Walther PPQ 9MM Barrel
Walther PPQ 9MM Barrels
Walther PPQ 9MM Threaded Barrel
Walther PPQ 9MM Threaded Barrels
Walther Q5 Barrel
Walther Q5 Match Barrels
Walther Q5 Threaded Barrel
Walther Q5 Match Threaded Barrels
Walther PDP Barrel
Walther PDP Barrels
Walther PDP Barrel
Walther PDP Threaded Barrels
Walther Q4 Steel Frame
Walther Q4 SF Barrels
Q4 SF Threaded Barrels
Walther Q4 SF Threaded Barrels
Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame
Walther Q5 Match SF Barrels
Q5 Match SF Threaded Barrels
Walther Q5 Match SF Threaded Barrels
Brian R.
Purchased a drop in threaded barrel from Jarvis for a Valor and they under promised and over delivered! Match grade stainless barrel is very accurate and I would not hesitate to purchase from Jarvis again...nor should you!
Neil S.
Very nice quality barrel. Fit and finish are excellent and the estimated time to deliver very was accurate. Great company to do business with.


For almost 40 years we have been the leader in precision and accuracy.  We do not compromise, and we demand perfection from ourselves because we believe that’s what our customers deserve.  Our extensive background in manufacturing and gunsmithing has made us the industry standard for aftermarket barrels.

What separates us from the pack?  It starts with the steel.  All of our Walther pistol barrels are manufactured from 4140 Gun Barrel Certified Steel made in the USA and nowhere else.  This carbon steel provides outstanding strength and thermal characteristics which provide phenomenal longevity and performance under heat and high stress.  Our proprietary rifling process is done by rifling machines designed by us to ensure bore and groove dimensions are held to .0005″ tolerances and do not vary over the length of the barrel.  This button rifling process produces a mirror like 4 to 6 micron finish.  Every process, from drilling and rifling, to turning and milling is carried out by our experienced machinists and gunsmiths.

At Jarvis, Inc. we believe that our experience and attention to detail are producing the finest aftermarket Walther barrels available.  With honesty and integrity, we strive to serve our customers to the best of our ability on a daily basis.


We currently offer barrels for the following line of Walther Pistols: P99 9MM, P99 Compact 9MM, P99 40, P99 Compact 40, PPQ 9MM M1, PPQ 9MM M2, PPQ 40 M1, PPQ 40 M2, PPQ 45, PPQ Q5 Match, and PPQ Q4 Tac.

All models offered have a variety of customization including right and left-hand threads for suppressor or compensator use, extended lengths, and ported for reduced muzzle rise.  Additional options include fitted and drop in.


Our National Match fitted barrels provide the tightest lockup that can be achieved while maintaining the functionality of your pistol.  Fitting only requires your slide to be sent in and will not add to the lead time of your order. 

We recommend customers to select the drop in option when ordering threaded barrels for suppressor use.  The reason for this recommendation is that coupling the increase in recoiling mass of the suppressor with an extremely tight fitting barrel may result in cycling issues.  Drop in barrels do not require fitting on any surface, they are manufactured to factory dimensions on all locking surfaces and provide outstanding function and performance.  In testing our Walther barrels have consistently produced sub 1.5″ groups at 25 yards.