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With industry-leading accuracy, the Jarvis Barrel for the Remington 597 isn’t just an upgrade; it’s the best you can buy.  Our .920” diameter heavy barrels are made from Stainless Steel and manufactured using our proprietary button rifling method.  Chambered with the Bentz chamber reamer and with bore and groove dimensions kept to tolerances of .0005”, we have consistently produced sub ½” groups at 50 yards with our barrels.  Drop in ready, the Jarvis model Remington 597 barrel will provide you the accuracy you demand at an affordable price.


Remington 597 Barrel
Remington 597 Barrel
Tim J.
I purchased a drop-in barrel from Jarvis, it was just as accurate as the factory barrel, but I was looking for a more accurate barrel. I contacted Jarvis and he insisted that he would make me a very accurate barrel, so he told me to ship my slide to him and he would make me a fitted barrel for free, he wanted me to be satisfied. I was very impressed with such customer service. They went out of their way to make me happy with the purchase. Would definitely buy again. And yes the new fitted barrel was extremely accurate, it averaged 1 1/2 in groups at 25yds.
Ryan M.
Ordered a barrel for a 9mm PPQ. Realizing custom orders take a while, I wasn't surprised by the wait for my order. Great product. I have around 800 rounds through it within the last couple months. No issues at all.


The Jarvis Heavy Barrel for the Remington 597 is the industry standard in rimfire accuracy.  With decades of firearms and manufacturing experience, we continue to provide Remington 597 owners with the pinnacle of accuracy and performance.  We have regularly obtained 5/16″ to 1/2″ groups at 50 yards.  So what exactly separates us from the pack?  We do not compromise, we demand perfection from ourselves and we believe that’s what our customers deserve.  It all starts with our 416 Stainless Steel.  Our proprietary rifling process is done by rifling machines designed by us to ensure bore and groove dimensions are held to .0005″ tolerances and do not vary over the length of the barrel.  This button rifling process produces a mirror like 4 to 6 micron finish.

With every process from drilling and rifling, turning and milling, to polishing and testing carried out by us we are able to ensure you receive the finest barrels on the market.  At Jarvis, Inc. we believe that our experience and attention to detail are producing the finest 1911 barrels available.  With honesty and integrity, we strive to serve our customers to the best of our ability on a daily basis.