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Designed for the Beretta 92 and M9 series pistols.  This single port compensator provides the user with a compact alternative to the original Jarvis Dual Port Compensator.  Threaded .575-40, the compensator is attached by threading your factory Beretta 4.9″ barrel that comes standard with the 92 series pistols.  The compact design allows the use of a stiffer recoil spring when compared to the dual port compensator and still maintains excellent recoil reduction.

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-Length: .810″
-Weight: 1 3/4 oz
-Material: Carbon Steel


-Light Weight Recoil Spring
-Set Screw
-Hex Key Wrench


Orders are filled in batches every 2-3 weeks as we apply the finish to these compensators after the order is placed.


This compensator attaches to your 4.9″ Beretta factory non-threaded barrel. The compensator is designed with the purpose of preventing the customer from being forced to purchase a threaded barrel in order to attach a comp.  To install the compensator, we thread the portion of your factory 4.9″ barrel that extends past the slide.  Once your factory barrel is threaded, we then remove material from the rear surface of the compensator until it references correctly with the slide and has no more than a .004″ gap between the compensator and slide.  This is done to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance and also ensures that the slide is not making contact with the rear surface of the comp when the pistol goes into battery.  Installation and fitting requires your slide and factory barrel to be sent in.

For instructions on sending in your slide and barrel, please click here.


This compensator will not attach to the Beretta factory 1/2-28 threaded barrel.  For the 1/2-28 single port compensator that will attach directly to your factory threaded barrel click here.


This compensator is designed around the 92 FS/Vertec slides.  It is not an exact profile match to any of the model A1 Beretta’s (92A1, M9A1, 96A1) or Brigadier slides.  The compensator will, however, function on all Beretta 92, M9, and 96 slides.


This compensator must be used with the reduced power recoil spring provided with the compensator.


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