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Fiber optic front sight installation for any Beretta 92/M9 slide with non-dovetail front sight.  The bright fiber optic allows the shooter to better pick up and track the front sight.  Fiber optic available in green and red.  Requires customers slide.

*Available for Full Size, Compact, and Centurion models.

*Must be solid front sight. Not available for dovetail front sights.

Fiber Optic Color * 


Shipping Instructions:

Customer parts can be shipped any time after the order is placed.  Include the order number in the box and ship to the following address:

Jarvis Inc
95 Box Bird Ln
Stevensville, MT 59870


  1. mhlepore (verified owner)

    This is one of the best upgrades you can make on a Beretta 92FS. I live on the east coast and Andrew Jarvis made me feel at ease about shipping my slide out to Montana for work. Highly recommend.

  2. Ben Wade (verified owner)

    This fiber optic sight is amazing. The fiber optic is large and very easy to see; if you combine it with the rear sight that they have available, it will completely transform your 92fs. I just got mine back today and I am ecstatic with the quality of the work and the speed of the service. Excellent upgrade.

  3. Todd Seller (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with the results! After putting fiber optic sights on my Glock, my dad was jealous. I told him that I could add them to his 92FS not realizing that the front sight was milled into the slide. After an extensive search, I came across Jarvis and promptly ordered the sights and sent off the slide. I’m giving the slide to my dad for Father’s Day and I know that he will be as ecstatic with results as I am.

  4. caseysq (verified owner)

    Exactly as pictured. I ordered a red front sight milling and a green fiber optic rear sight install and everything turned out perfectly. Now I have some kinda low light sight on my M9 commercial. A million times better than the stock sights. Jarvis took about 2 weeks from me sending my slide to receiving it back. I would recommend them without question.

  5. Jerry Lueking

    Just received my 92 fs slide with a fiber optic front sight . Very impressed and would highly re-recommend it,

  6. HBKramer (verified owner)

    While the fixed white dot sights on the older 92FS were the std years ago, Jarvis ‘ fiber optic front sight modification is a night and day improvement on my ol’ fixed front sight 92FS.

    The top machine cut (and the whole mod.) looks as if Piertro did it himself at the factory.

    My PIZZA gun has been transformed,thank you Jarvis!!

  7. Gary Schellenberger (verified owner)

    Amazing result! I am so pleased! From low viz to now a high viz front sight! Thank you Jarvis for transforming my old 1986 model 92f from difficult to see sight to best in class . I’m 57 and the eyes don’t work like they did when I first purchased the Beretta. But now I feel confident I will be driving tacks long into my golden years! Thank you Jarvis! This is the #1 upgrade you can get for your fixed front 92 sight. If your thinking about it or on the fence you can trust me when I say…just get it! You will not be disappointed!

  8. Matthew Phillips (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with quality of the cut and drill. The work is top notch and brought much needed life back to my favorite high mileage handgun.

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