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The Jarvis Compensator for the Walther PPQ 9MM reduces muzzle rise enabling the shooter to get back on target quicker after each shot.  With a single, large port located at the top of the comp, the compensator redirects a large volume of gas upward reducing the muzzle rise and perceived recoil. Designed for use with standard ammunition, the compensator performed flawlessly in testing with all factory ammunition from 115 gr to 147 gr subsonic. With a sleek design, the compensator follows the profile of the PPQ 4″ model slide and works with both Jarvis and Walther factory threaded barrels. Assembly and disassembly is simple and quick.

NOTE: Please read additional info at the bottom of the page regarding the reference flat for the set screw that we put on the bottom of the barrel threads.



-Length: 1.3″
-Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
-Threads: 1/2-28
-Finish: Type 3 Black Hardcoat Anodize
-Single Large Port


-Set Screws (1 Extra, 2 Total)
-Threadlocker (To Be Used on Set Screw Threads)
-Hex Key Wrench
-Reference Flat on Customer’s Barrel Threads


To install, simply screw the compensator on and tighten the single set screw located at the bottom of the comp with the hex key wrench provided, no other tools required.  Use a small amount of the Loctite provided on the set screw threads.

It is recommended that the Loctite be allowed to cure for 24 hrs before use.


*A flat must be put on the bottom of the barrel threads.  This is to provide an easy reference for the set screw that aligns the compensator with the slide and also prevents the set screw from marring the barrel threads.  This service is provided by us free of charge with the purchase of the compensator.  After purchasing through our website or over the phone you may send us your threaded barrel.  For shipping instructions click here.  Your threaded barrel would then be shipped back to you with the compensator (free shipping still applies).  If you have any questions regarding the reference flat that we put on the barrel threads you may contact us at 406-625-2562 or via email at facts@jarvis-custom.com.



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