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Designed for use on the factory Beretta 92 and M9A3 threaded barrels. This two port compensator is based off of the original Jarvis compensator for the Beretta 92 and M9. Threaded in 1/2-28, this compensator attaches directly to the Beretta factory 1/2-28 threaded barrel for the 92 and M9A3 series pistols. With an expanded first port, the compensator effectively reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil.

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-Length: 1 3/8″
-Material: Carbon Steel
-Weight: 3.5 oz


-Set screw
-Hex Key Wrench
-Light Weight Recoil Spring
-Set Screw Flat on Barrel Threads (Barrel Must Be Sent In)


The compensator threads directly onto the Beretta factory 1/2-28 threaded barrel.  WILL NOT FIT SILENCERCO, KKM, OR BARSTO THREADED BARRELS AS THEY ARE TOO LONG!


The barrel requires a set screw flat on the bottom of the barrel threads.  This set screw flat provides a reference for the set screw in the compensator and prevents the set screw from damaging the barrel threads.  You may send your barrel in after the order is placed for us to machine the set screw flat.  The set screw flat does not damage the threads in any way.

For instructions on sending in your barrel and/or slide, please click here.


The gunsmith fit option guarantees a close fit between the compensator and slide.  Material is removed from the rear surface of the compensator until a .003-.004″ gap is achieved between the back of the comp and the front face of the slide, providing an aesthetically pleasing look.  If you select the gunsmith fit option, your slide and barrel must be sent in.  Set screw flat machining is included with the Gunsmith Fit option.

For instructions on sending in your barrel and/or slide, please click here.


This compensator is designed around the 92 FS/Vertec slides.  It is not an exact profile match to any of the model A1 Beretta’s (92A1, M9A1, 96A1) or Brigadier slides.  The compensator will, however, function on all Beretta 92, M9, and 96 slides.


This compensator must be used with the reduced power recoil spring provided with the compensator.

2 reviews for BERETTA 92 COMPENSATOR 1/2-28

  1. Ben Wade (verified owner)

    Just got this back in the mail today and I could not be happier! The compensator fits perfectly and Jarvis made shipping the barrel and slide to them easy as could be. I got everything back within a week, the turn around was excellent. I cannot recommend this enough, if you have a 92fs you need this upgrade as it will make your pistol stand out like never before.

  2. verdin (verified owner)

    Well made product and great service.

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