Our pistol barrel testimonials demonstrate our customer satisfaction with both workmanship quality and shooting accuracy:

“Just received my threaded barrel for my Walther PPQ M2. Fit and finish is perfect and I believe it shoots better but I was only able to shoot at a steel target in the dark yesterday… it gets dark early in Alaska in the winter. Heading out now in the light to try again. Also the combination of the Walther, the Jarvis barrel and a Rugged Obsidian suppressor may be the quietest 45 combo I have ever shot…

The threading was perfectly aligned with no evidence of baffle or exit hole strikes as I’ve found with cheaper barrels… also the cutting of the threads makes for a snug fit with the suppressor.. not too loose as with other threaded barrels…

Thanks for a fine product… I’ll be back”

George, AK

“I have three of these barrels [FN 5.7] and they are of magnificent quality. I bought one to compare it to a competitor’s product. Jarvis I though was more accurate and out of the box drop-in. You cannot go wrong with the Jarvis line of barrels.”


“…I received the two HK barrels I ordered and have ordered a third. I always thought the HK barrels were good. However, your barrels are better! I’ve really enjoyed them. Just wanted to thank you for what you do.”


“I bought my Colt Series 70 and a suppressor about 10 years ago, to fit my suppressor to my pistol I chose the Jarvis threaded barrel. Having used and fired this pistol both suppressed and unsuppressed several thousand rounds now in these past years I’m pleased to say my barrel is still performing perfectly fine today, despite a high round count it is still extremely accurate, it was a clean drop in fit and the threads are nicely cut and fit my can perfectly. I like my 1911 barrel so well I came back for my Beretta 92 barrel and am back now for a HK USP barrel. Overall of the 4 threaded barrels I have Jarvis has the best fit, finish and accuracy of all of them. Plus the thread protector comes included with the barrel. Quite pleased with all my Jarvis barrels.


“I have now tried the threaded Beretta barrel you made for me and it’s perfect. Great fit, looks good, and shoots straight! So, just wanted to say thank you for the great product.


“I received my JARVIS barrel for my 40 caliber S&W 99 yesterday and had to thank you for the excellent service. It is a great product….my target had only one hole 2 inches in diameter after 40 rounds…The barrel is more accuracte than I am.”


“….the Bull Barrel that I recently purchased from you did wonders for my Remington 597 LSHB. I was really pleased with the finish on the bore…….There was very little breakin need. It basically shot extremely well from the start. Thanks for the excellent service.”

S.L., Lonaconing, MD

“10/22 magnum 17hmr conversion….great product. Easy to install, and shoots flawlessly. Thanks very much!”

N.F., ID

“I wanted a threaded barrel for my Walther P99 full size. The fit was perfect and the finish pleasing. The thread protector was included. Downrange, my group size improved considerably. I highly recommend Jarvis barrels”.


“Here are two targets I shot tonight with my new Jarvis .17HMR barrel installed on my Remington 597…These targets were shot at 50 yards. The one on the left has four shots in .175″. The flyer takes it to just under .500″. The target on the right is .400″. This rifle also has your custom target hammer installed. I am very satisfied with your barrel. Accuracy is excellent.”

J.F., Calif.